Moving your telephone requires a Service Order to be placed. Most requests can be completed in 5 business days. This is required in order to comply with e911 regulations ensuring emergency responders will arrive at the correct location when someone calls 911 from a particular telephone. *There will be a $62 fee assessed if you move a phone without placing a service order, there is no charge to move a phone when a service order is placed. 

Basic Telephone Service Policies:

  • Leased phones have a lifetime guarantee for repair and replacement. If you have lost or damaged your leased phone, Telecommunications will repair and/or replace it and assess a replacement fee equal the value of the telephone.
  • Purchased phones have a 1-year warranty. Service calls in response to a trouble report caused by customer-owned phones/equipment shall be assessed a one-time $62 service fee. Telecommunications does not repair customer owned equipment.