Service Request Information:

  • An expedited service request will be billed at $125/hour.
  • Work requested to be scheduled outside of normal CSU business hours may be subject to time-and-a-half charges.
  • Contact Heidi Friedrich at (970) 491-4287 to request expedited or non-business hours service.

Communications Cabling:

  • Telecommunications will identify whether the installation requires plenum or non-plenum cable and the category of communications cable suited for the application. Please contact Heidi Friedrich at (970) 491-4287 for pricing.
  • Additional charges may be incurred when pathways are not available and/or when conduit or cable trays are required.

Contact Us:

General email:

Bill Tremelling
Field Operations
Phone: (970) 567-6560

Matt Albertson
Project Planner
Office: (970) 491-2526 | Cell: (970) 567-6558