With MyPhone you have access to many features:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Simultaneous Ring (SimRing)
  • Add speed dial buttons to your phone
  • View the calls you have made and received
  • Add contacts to an online phone book

Access the MyPhone portal

Call Forwarding/SimRing

Call forwarding and SimRing are now a services that you can configure yourself. Once logged in, click the CALL FORWARDING tab at the top of the screen. Add call forwarding by clicking the “Add Number” link in the upper right hand corner. Here you can set up how you wish to be called. In the example below, the extension 15133 will ring at the same time as your extension. If after 30 seconds the call is not answered, the off-campus number 89881234 will ring (Note: campus dialing rules apply).

MyPhone Call Forwarding Screenshot

Speed Dial Buttons

Speed dial buttons give you easy one-touch access to important numbers.

  • Once logged in, click the SPEED DIAL  tab at the top of your screen. Add speed dials to your phone by clicking the “Add Number” link in the upper right hand corner. The left column called “Name” will let you enter a label for the button. The right column allows you to enter the number that will be called when you press the button (Note: campus dialing rules apply).
  • The “Subscribe to Presence” column shows if these buttons also monitor state of the line entered in the number field (Presence is configured through a telecom service order). Be sure to click the “Save and Update Phone(s)” button to apply the settings to your phone. (Note: this will reboot your phone)

MyPhone Speed Dial screenshot